Civil Solidarity Partys statement on Omar Mamedov

Civil Solidarity Partys statement on Omar Mamedov

As is known, Omar Mamedov ,young activist and blogger, was arrested youth activist at noon on Jan. 24, . Civil Solidarity Party issued a statement.

We should note that the young activist Omar was born on February, 26th in 1995. He is the student of the “Cyprus International University” located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

 He’s been a member of Sabunchu district of the CSP since May,11th,2013. He established “ Axin “ movement together with a group of some young people. Omar was arrested on drug charges; it is so ridiculous and regretful, the young activist didn’t even smoke. On the contrary, he was actively engaged in public life and has high intelligence. Condemning this illegal arrest we expect the law enforcement organs to be unbiased on this matter.

The Civil Solidarity Party considers Omar Mamedov’s arrest as baseless pressures against the young activists. We are seriously concerned about the unfair persecution and systematic arrests led against them. We demand the release of imprisoned young activists and challenge the relevant government structures to prevent illegal actions and to change the attitude that violates civil solidarity and creates an artificial conflict within the society.

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