This book treasures love; love of everyone, love to motherland, history, culture. The book speaks out for the whole Azerbaijani people expressing its benevolent nature and good will.

The 90s of the last century marked Azerbaijan’s history with independence from the Soviet regime and greatly contributed to introduce “My Road of Life” as one of the cult books of those times, spreading thoughts and spirit of liberty, independence, nation’s self-governance. Fighters for independence used to came to The Liberty Square in Baku with this book in their hands to demand the end of the authoritarian Soviet dominance. The book encouraged the young generation of those times to rise and wage the just struggle for future and signaled the complete destruction of the humiliating Soviet dictatorship.

Today “My Road of Life” is a versed relic echoing the ardent freedom-loving spirit of the Azerbaijani people on their long way to hard-fought victory.

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