The office of the Azerbaijan Civil Solidarity Party (ACSP) held a forum of youth activists of opposition parties and independent youth organizations today. The speeches during the Forum expressed an idea that the official youth policy is directed against the democratic youth. At the same time, demands were made for the release of the convicted youth activists.

 “The authorities pursue policies that have resulted in the political imprisonment of 9 youth activists,” said the head of the ACSP youth organization Samir Asadli.

“Universities put pressure on the democratically minded youth. They violate the freedoms of assembly and expression,” he added.

The participants noted that the youth policy of the government collapsed and the waste of huge sums of money had no effect.

“There are big problems before the young. This is the liberation of the occupied territories, the elimination of the authoritarian regime and social injustice, the holding of free and fair elections, and the struggle for the rights of 35 million Azerbaijanis in Southern (Iranian) Azerbaijan,” said the head of the Popular Front Party’s (PFPA) youth committee Abulfaz Gurbanli.

He also pointed out that the authorities jail young activists, but are not interested in the fate of soldiers at the front. At the same time, the oligarchs spending millions on the weddings of their children.

The forum participants urged young people to consolidate. “Young people must fight against the false policy of the authorities,” said the deputy chairman of the youth organization of the Musavat Party Sakhavat Soltanly.

The lawyer Khalid Bagirov noted that the authorities imprisoned the children of those who fought for the independence of Azerbaijan.

The forum adopted a declaration calling for political reforms, respect for civil liberties, an end of repression, and release of political prisoners.


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